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Tip of the Week...

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Tip: If you want your harp to sound its best, an annual "Changing of the Strings" is a good way to do it. Fall is the perfect time to tackle this arduous task - the humidity is waning, and you'll want your harp to sound bright and fresh as the new concert season begins. Make the job less daunting by changing an octave a day - you'll be done within a week. And don't forget, there's no better time to remove dust and grime between the strings and around the tuning pins and levers than when the string is off the harp, so take care of that, too, while you're changing your strings. Soon, you'll feel like you're playing a brand new instrument!

- Christa Grix


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Here is a taste of what's coming in 2016!

Diana Rowan - 2016 Instructor/Performer

Diana Rowan's journeys around the world and through many styles of music from classical to folk to world have convinced her that everyone has something musical to say. Diana's performances, compositions and teaching are all about discovering and sharing who you are authentically. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, Diana's approach is to bring out the best in your playing, making music an integral, natural part of your life. She holds a PhD in harp composition, an MM in piano performance, and loves living in Berkeley CA when she's not traveling.

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And so it begins...Again!!!

Well, here we go again, preparing for another awesome Harp Gathering in 2016.

So, first on the agenda...

We have had some questions regarding what I meant in my previous post regarding our good friend and new addition to the Harp Gathering family, Rhett Barnwell. I said he was "pinch hitting" for Harp Gathering veteran, Frank Voltz and that could have been taken the wrong way. What I meant by that, was that Rhett graciously agreed to conduct the Harp Gathering Ensemble for 2016. It is no small task, and we are so grateful that Rhett was willing to take this on! We are absolutely ecstatic that Rhett will be joining us, for the first time, in 2016 as he is a highly sought after clinician and performer. We welcome him with open arms as he has always been on our short list and fortunately all the stars aligned for 2016's Harp Gathering...WooHoo!!!

Next on the list...

It is time to start posting new "Tip of the Week" tips from our 2016 Faculty. Make sure to check in, weekly, for the new "Tip of the Week" -- always posted in the box above. This week's tip is from Christa Grix, offering great advise on changing your harp strings.


Make sure to check out our teachers page to see if there is a harp teacher in your area. If you are a harp teacher and would like to be listed on our teaching page, send us your contact information and we will gladly post it free of charge! Links back to the Harp Gathering website are always appreciated!


Well, that's about it for now. Be on the look out for the new registration forms, as they will be posted shortly!

As always, we look forward to seeing you at the Harp Gathering!!!



Just a quick note to let all of you Harp Gatherlings and aspiring Harp Gatherlings know that we have posted the final Performer/Instructor bios for the 2016 Harp Gathering. Make sure to cruze on by the Instructor/Talent page and have a peek! 2016's lineup includes: The ever charming Richard Ash from Folkcraft Instruments, The brilliant arranger extraordinaire Angi Bemiss, Pinch hitting for Frank Voltz in 2016 is sacred music specialist Rhett Barnwell, Jazz Goddess Christa Grix, All sunshine and light Lynda Kuckenbrod, The ever passionate Diana Rowan, Author of "Tunes to Go" Cynthia Shelhart, The Harp Gathering's own Denise & Michael Grupp-Verbon known together as TAPESTRY, and finally the legendary Louise Trotter...WooHoooooo!!!!!

In case you're wondering, the answer is YES, we have made the Performer/Instructor roster BIGGER, which means that we will also be expanding the workshop offerings too...Don't you just love it?!?!?! We Do!!! : )

Here is a taste of what's coming in 2016!

For Your Listening Pleasure,
Louise Trotter - 2016 Instructor/Performer

Texan Louise Trotter is a versatile entertainer on pedal and lever harp, playing a varied repertoire, from classical to Broadway, Swing, Latin, Rag, Sacred, Jazz, and is one of the few harpists who specializes in Country Western.

Listen to this beautiful arrangement of O Danny Boy!!!

More to come soon and as always, we look forward to seeing you at the Harp Gathering!!!



Well, after a couple days we have finally been able to catch our breath and start back at it. All of us, here at Harp Gathering H.Q., had a super great time putting all of this together for you. We have had lots of great comments and some really great suggestions for upcoming years. Many Thanks to everyone for another wonderful, fun packed, educational weekend at the 2015 Harp Gathering!

As always, we look forward to seeing you at the Harp Gathering in 2016!!!