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Festival Dates...
May 18, 2017 Optional Extra Day
May 19-21, 2017 Regular Festival

The Harp Gathering, Folk Harp Festival
2017 Performer/Instructors!!!

Tip of the Week...

Check in weekly for tips and tricks from the pros!

Tip: Always, and I mean always, play the harp in front of you. If you play a small harp as if it were a large harp, you'll likely send too much energy into the smaller soundboard and soundbox and it'll sound bad. Along similar lines, if you play a higher-tension harp with the light touch you'd use on a small harp, therapy harp, or historical harp, you won't deliver enough energy traveling along the strings to get the wood of the harp moving, and that harp won't sound its best either.

-Harper Tasche

Tip: Does marking the fingerings in some of your music challenge you? There are many great tips about marking fingerings, but the shortest one is: look at the destination; do you need to end up with your thumb, or your 4th finger perhaps? Then, work your way backwards!

-Denise Grupp-Verbon


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More New Tips and Many More New Teacher Listings!!!

New "Tips of the Week" posted at the top of this page and many new harp teacher listings on our Harp Teacher Finder page.

Keep checking back lots because there is always more to come...WooHoo!!!

We look forward to seeing you at the 10th (yes, I did say 10th!!!) Anniversary of the Harp Gathering!



New Tips and New Teacher Listings!!!

A quick note to let all of you Harp Gatherlings know that there are new "Tips of the Week" up and we have added some new harp teacher listings on our Harp Teacher Finder page.

Keep checking back as we will be adding more all the time!

We look forward to seeing you at the 10th Anniversary of the Harp Gathering!



Thanks For The Memories....Now on to Harp Gathering 2017!!!

On to making plans for the 10th anniversary Harp Gathering in 2017 but for now, here are some highlights of the 2016 Harp Gathering...enjoy!!!

As always, we look forward to seeing you at The Harp Gathering!!!



Getting Started on Harp Gathering 2017, our 10th Anniversary - WooHoo!!!

So, we had an absolutely fantastic Harp Gathering this year (2016)! We got lots of great feedback from everyone and we are so pleased that all of you had such a wonderful time, it makes it worth the effort!!!

Everyone here at Harp Gathering H.Q. are back at it, hard at work, to plan for an extra special 10th Anniversary Harp Gathering in 2017. Can you believe it...and we are only 321 days away as of this writing!!!

The 2017 Harp Gathering performers are Richard Ash, Aislinn Gagliardi, Lynda Kuckenbrod, Kim Robertson, Cynthia Shelhart, Tapestry (Denise & Michael Grupp-Verbon, yours truly!), Harper Tasche, Sharon & Dave Thormahlen, and Mr. Frank Voltz. Be sure to check out the Instructor/Talent page for Bio information as all of these instructors and performers are all top shelf talent!!!

We will be doing lots of updating on the website so keep checking back often to stay informed about what we are up to.

As always, we look forward to seeing you at The Harp Gathering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!